Sugar Cane

Sugar cane juice is so delicious.

Carry Water

He carried this water very far to his home.


This garlic will last us a few months.


Our wonderful Karen food is very spicy.

Bamboo Walls

We weave bamboo to make walls for our homes.

Busted Pipe

When the pipe breaks the water flows and children can play.


Our people are strong and resilient.

Long Hot Days

She is old and needs to rest.


Thanaka is made from tree bark. We grind it up and apply it to our faces, like makeup. It also works as sun block.


The headmaster of this school is incredibly kind and hospitable.

Mu Yeh Pen

She was a famous Karen woman renowned for her beauty. She married a Thai king.


It is dangerous for us to go back to Burma. If we are caught the army might kill us. If we go we first travel by river.